Saturday, 31 January 2009

Make Easy Money Writing Articles for Triond

Triond is a website similar to where you submit your articles and they publish it for you on the web. With triond you get paid 50% of the ad revenue your article generates. This is both good and bad, as this method of payment means you will have to look at measly figures the first couple of articles; however, as you write more and more articles and your articles are viewed more you will see more and more cash coming in. In addition, an article you submit once will keep on generating revenue for months to come. I have looked around on the web and the most I have seen proclaimed is around $200 per article over the course of two months, which is not bad considering an article may take an hour or so. However it is important to keep in mind that this is not something you can quit your day job for, it is just something you can supplement your income with. I would go as far as saying not to write articles specifically for triond. Instead, whenever you have an article you wrote for something (ex. school work), submit it on to Triond. 

Signing up is free and pretty easy, and it is a pretty easy system to use. I have provided a snapshot of the account dashboard:

Since you get paid out of the ad revenue your site generates, it means to be successful with Triond you have to get traffic to your article. After every article gets published, make sure to submit it to This is a social networking site where anyone who wants can submit a useful link. I will talk more about digg in the next post.

BreakDown of Triond:

Cost: Free

  • free to use
  • passive income
  • not much work
  • easy to get submitted
  • is indexed by google so not worried about SEO
  • Takes some time before any real money is being made
  • Unpredictable how much will be made

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