Tuesday, 3 February 2009

BANS - Get paid by Ebay

I have been doing some research about BANS (build a niche site) for about a week as I have never heard of this before and I have to admit it does show some promise. 

What is BANS?
The idea behind it is that you become an affiliate of Ebay, except that this program goes a step beyond regular affiliate programs. As most affiliate programs give you a link for you to advertise, BANS helps you create an entire online store, featuring ebay products. Think about this, no shipping concerns, you just get paid for the items you sell. Once you sign up and select a niche or category, it allows you to choose products to feature in your online store. 

What about Search Engines and Indexing?
This is the true beauty of the BANS program. If you create your own site it takes a long time and effort before you have a decent page rank. However, Ebay has a page rank of 8/10, which is unheard of (the only site which i have seen to have a higher page rank is google itself), and since ebay is a backlink to your site through the affiliate connection, you are guaranteed to be listed high in the search engines. 

Is it worth it?
This question is a little tougher, as I have not yet decided to purchase this product but I am strongly considering getting at a point when I have more time to focus on it. However, the examples of some of the BANS stores look very professional and respectable. 

Do you need programming knowledge?
Nope, it gives you a step by step guide to creating a very professional looking site.

So if you are interested to read more about the BANS Ebay Affiliate Program visit buildanichestore.com


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