Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Top 15 Sites that Pay you to Blog

I have written a post on a similar topic concerning where you get paid to review various products on your blog. This is a great way to make a couple hundred dollars of income every month. Each site is a little different but the idea remai
ns the same.

I have reviewed this site already, and they do require that your blog is more than 90 days old and there are more than 20 posts before you can get accepted into their program.

This one is similar to reviewme discussed below and even though
 there are less opportunities, I have placed it higher on the list because it charges a lower commission.

This site is different from all the others as it doesn't have a pay scale. You get paid $5 for every post no matter what the length or quality. This is bad for more popular blogs as they can earn much more on other sites. On the other hand it is good for starting up sites.

This site differs from the others in that it is much more of a marketplace between advertisers and bloggers. Therefore instead of the site doing the placement and payment, it is rather the decision of the advertiser. I haven't had much experience with this program but I do know that they take a very large commission. However, if you have a popular blog then you can earn some serious cash for a single blog post.

Another flat payment for each individual post of around $10. However, I have heard about bloggers who have had late payments.

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