Saturday, 7 February 2009

Get Paid $50 cash to review software online

This is an excellent opportunity to earn money if you are very knowledgeable about software. Unfortunately I am not, so I will not be able to take advantage of this offer and this might make this post a little dry. The site reviews various computer software and they are always looking for new reviews. Now $50 is the maximum amount they will pay you for one review and they go out on a limb to tell you that the review will have to be of a very high standard to get that much. However, they guarantee that every review they publish will receive at least $1. Realistically, let's assume that you are able to earn $5 per review, and you do 3 reviews per day. That is $15 a day, which equals $450 a month, not bad at all. So check out for more information.

Now since I am unable to benefit from this program I am not completely aware if the length required to get paid specific amounts. However, I have looked at some of the reviews and there are a couple that are only 50 words. So if 50 quality words get you $1, then if you write 1000 words day in reviews you can earn up to $20.

  • Straightforward
  • A guaranteed payment scheme
  • Requires software knowledge

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