Friday, 6 February 2009

Have a Blog? Get paid to write reviews

Trying to earn money through your blog or website can be difficult and unpredictable. A majority of the monetizing strategies available such as ads and affiliate programs are functions of how many people click or buy the product. However, as I was researching new ways to make money I could write about I came across one of the best ways to monetize your website or blog, all that is required is traffic. is a program where you sign up, and then write reviews of products for a fixed fee per review. You sign up your website or blog and then they review your site in order to make sure it qualifies. The only drawback is that they do not accept sites with very low traffic. This makes sense as they do not want to pay someone to write and then have no one read it. You get to specify what your fee per review is, and the default setting is $5 which is not bad. I suggest you do not go higher when you are starting out. Once you show that you can write well then you can raise your fee. 

The great thing is that as most monetization strategies require traffic and conversion (selling), this method only requires traffic, as you get paid upfront. If you just started your site or blog then this may not be a realistic method, and you might have to wait a while before you have enough traffic to get accepted into their program. Just make sure to not forget about this site when you do have enough traffic.


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