Sunday, 1 February 2009

Get Paid with Online Surveys

Paid online surveys have taken a beating in the last couple of years mainly because some people try to advertise you can make thousands of dollars by just filling out surveys. Of course these are scams and they give a bad name to the few online survey sites that actually work. See the problem with most of the highly advertised ones is that they only have a very small number of surveys that actually pay in cash, the majority pay in the form of submitting you to a gift raffle. Also, most survey sites do not update their sites frequently, this is because you pay a one time fee and once they have your money they have your money. There is no incentive for the site to provide you with a good service. The trick is to find a site where you pay a small monthly fee. This allows you the freedom to try out for say a month and then decide if you like their service. This means that the online survey company has to fight for you as a customer. This translates to:
  • More survey opportunities
  • More cash paying opportunities
  • Higher paid surveys
  • Updated links
  • Better customer service
Over the past two years I have been part of three paid online survey companies. The first one was a one time fee type of deal and I was immensely disappointed. Most of the links were broken and the ones that weren't didn't pay cash. I addition most of these one-time fee sites do not have a refund policy. The problem is that is so hard to find these survey services on a month by month payment basis, so the one I am using now is one of the few ones with a respective money back guarantee, Paid Surveys Etc. When I first started using it I even bought it and then asked for a refund to test their guarantee out and it turns out that within a couple of days they returned my money hassle free. If you decide to try it out make sure to use the coupon on the right to get your 50% discount. 


Now that you have found a great online paid survey service, it is time to talk about how much you can expect to earn. Do not expect anything near the advertised sums, sorry to burst your bubble. Personally I aim for about $10 a day. This may not sound like much but it translates to around $300 a month, which is not bad considering all you do is fill out surveys. Now you may make more or less, depends on how much time you invest. With Paid Surveys etc they provide you with a calculator to compute how much you could potentially earn, and this is a pretty useful tool. Just make sure to be realistic, you will not fill out 100 surveys a day. Another hint, try to do as many focus groups as possible, I once participated in a hour long focus group and received a $100. However, these are extremely rare and you will probably find more within the $20 range. 

The beauty about this is that it so hassle free and doesn't require any skill or knowledge whatsoever. It is basically free money.

  • hassle free
  • Money back guarantee (atleast with Paid Surveys Etc)
  • takes only an hour a day to make money
  • no knowledge or skill required
  • Does require a small time fee

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