Friday, 13 February 2009

Sell Amazon Products on your Site for Free

This I believe is the next step in affiliate marketing. You do not just advertise a single site or store, but with Amazons program you can advertise individual products on your site. This is brilliant as it basically means that you can create an online store without any shipping, billing or administrative nuisances. For example I operate a sports site called The Sports Retort, and I am currently implementing various exclusives such as book and movie of the week (related to sports of course). This is a good way to make money for a start up site, but it is an amazing way to make money if you have a good base of subscribers. If you do then do not wait and sign up at 

The only bad news is that they do not provide commission fees anywhere near to the 75% that clickbank does. For most products you earn a measly 10-15%. However, think about it this way:
Let's say you advertise two products.
A) a clickbank product for losing weight that costs $50 and of that you will receive $25 in commission fees.
B) a bestseller book connected to the theme of your site that is sold by amazon and will earn you $5 commission.

I would choose product B, as I know that someone who visits my site and clicks on the link for the product is much more likely to purchase from amazon than some unknown site. People are not stupid and a site is deemed to be a scam until proven innocent.

So check it out and get started selling amazon products ASAP.


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