Thursday, 5 February 2009

Earn Money through Article Marketer

I have recently come across this and its another service I am thinking about signing up for. Anyone who has done any online content writing knows that it is hugely beneficent to submit the content to sites such as This allows an individual to get the word out about their website or about their product. This is still a great method but as all online strategies, it becomes obsolete pretty quickly. A new site, keeps a database of article submission sites. The way it works is you submit your article to, and then the site submits your article to hundreds of different article sites. It allows much better exposure than manual submission. 

The one problem is that it is a monthly fee, so if you are planning to invest in this make sure you will use it. If you are only going to submit one or two articles a month then you should rethink, but if you are more serious than this is definitely the right program for you.  

Bonus Hint: This is great when combined with the previous post about building an ebay store. Once you build a store becomes a great way to drive traffic to your site.


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