Monday, 16 February 2009

Earn $10 immediately just for signing up

No this is not a joke. Read carefully because this is the easiest way of earning $10 short of asking mom and dad for it. The service Hits4Pay is form of link between advertisers and publishers. How it works is you get sent emails around 8 a day, and each pays you $0.02. However, they do guarantee that you will receive $10 just for signing up, and you never have to pay for anything. It's incredible. 

You may be saying that $0.02 is not worth receiving emails, and you have a point, for 8 emails per day you would only earn 16 cents. This translates to $58 a year which is actually not bad. However, the beauty of this is that you also earn $0.02 for every email read by a person you referred. Therefore if you sign up by clicking from my website, we will both earn $0.02 for every email you read. Then you can earn $0.02 from every person you refer. Therefore lets say you refer 100 people, each reading 8 emails a day. That equals $16 a day for you, translating to $5840 a year for doing practically nothing. 

The only 'limitation', if you can even call it that is that in order to reach the full earning potential you need to have a fairly popular site.

So check out Hits4Pay and get your $10 in the next 5 minutes.


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